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Birchdale is run on heart energy and the property is maintained in much the same way. We – Sarah Garton Stanley and Tracey Erin Smith – became co-stewards of Birchdale in the spring of 2020. Since arriving we have been learning as much as we can and working to get a handle on all the wonders this beautiful and historic place has to offer.

We aim to make overnight stays available to as many people as we can. We also host monthly Birchdale Afternoons to introduce people to the place and to give folks a chance to think about what they would need to bring to prepare for a wonderful stay.

People come to Birchdale to unwind and to leave the hustle and bustle behind. It is camping with a little bit of structure, and a whole lot of history. It is an unsupervised time where we will do our best to answer questions and offer information… but the beauty of Birchdale is both the solitude and the opportunity to meet others who might be staying in the various cabins

Overnight stays begin at $60.00 per person per night and children at $30.00 per child per night.

We are not a business but we have basic needs and costs that we need to meet each season. If you have a skill and we have a task, we are amenable to talking with you about a trade. There is always a lot of work to do at Birchdale and a lot of different kinds of expertise required.

If you would like to come and stay please fill out the booking calendar and we will confirm if it is possible. Even if the calendar is RED it might still be possible to book. Please Check With Us! Any day that is ORANGE has not yet confirmed booking requests. Days that are blank may be partially booked. We look forward to hearing from you.

To book all of Birchale for events or large groups will require an additional fee.

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If you would like to talk more about cabin rentals please contact us at: birchdalelake@gmail.com